AvantLink receives a shocking number of new affiliate applications to join the network. Submissions can range between 30 to 300 in a single day, with each applicant going through a robust vetting process. Strict criteria helps ensure that only the best affiliates are operating within AvantLink and doing so in an ethical manner.

Typically, about 20% of affiliate applications are approved to go live in AvantLink. If you have found yourself in the 80% that don’t make it past vetting, you’re likely wondering why. In an article published this week, AvantLink Compliance Director Mark Kalbach outlines everything that’s taken into consideration when approving and denying new affiliate applications.

Learn more about the criteria in his post, titled the ‘Top 5 Reasons Your Affiliate Application Was Denied‘.

New Merchant Launches


The GoPure Pod is the first-ever portable water purifier using a revolutionary advanced ceramic technology, which enables continuous filtering, re-mineralization and optimized pH balancing of drinking water. GoPure adsorbs harmful contaminants found in tap water such as lead, arsenic and fluoride, all while enhancing taste and preserving freshness.

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NicoBloc is an all-natural smoking cessation aid unlike any other product. Simply placing a drop of fluid on the filter of your normal brand of cigarette before smoking helps block tar and nicotine from entering your body without any change in taste or satisfaction.

Join the NicoBloc affiliate program.

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