This week at AvantLink, we’re focused on growth, and we’ve got some exciting new merchants–such as Patagonia Provisions!
We’re putting on our Sherlock hats and our data hats to find ways for affiliates and merchants to maximize the growth of your blogs and programs. In this post, we’re going to explore some tools and strategies for maximizing the potential of your marketing efforts. And as always, we want to encourage you affiliates out there to apply to our new merchant programs below–this is really the first step to growing your blog’s potential.



Got a bad case of bloggers block? Well, we have ideas to help.Click To Tweet
Having trouble getting started with affiliate marketing at AvantLink? Got a bad case of bloggers block? Well, we have ideas to help. This week, our own support guru, Owen Owens, has some tips on how to manage your social media advertising using AvantLink’s powerful, easy to use tools.
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Tool of the Week

Our tool highlight of the week is the Affiliate Link Encoder, or ALE. With this amazing digital wizardry, you can automatically convert static links or keywords in your existing blog content and turn them into trackable affiliate links.
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New Merchants

This week's new merchants offer huge opportunities in fashion, swim sports, and something a little different--food from Patagonia.Click To Tweet

ShoeDazzle offers affiliates $2 per registration and $20 per sale with a 30 day cookie on their personally curated shoe service. Fashion experts select styles designed to fit your unique chic, for as low as $39.95 with free shipping. Sign up on the ShoeDazzle program description page.

Every personality comes with it’s own aesthetic, and that’s what JustFab strives to create, with their in-house designs and personalized styling. $2 per registration, $20 per sale with 30 day cookies and free shipping. See details and apply on the JustFab program description page.

With 70% of the Earth covered in the ol’ blue, you need a good wetsuit or some solid swimwear. Especially if you want to go Olympic swimmer status. blueseventy created the Ironman wetsuit, and offers FINA legal competition swim skins. $180 average order values, bringing a commission of 10% and free shipping over $100! If you blog about triathlons, competitive swimming, endurance sports, or outdoors–sign up on the blueseventy program description page!

“With Patagonia Provisions, our goals are the same as with everything we do: We aim to make the best product, cause no unnecessary harm, and perhaps most important, inspire solutions to the environmental crisis.” From cedar-planked salmon to asado and chimmichurri, Patagonia Provisions sources their sustainable food products from the experience of their many travels. This is a very cool opportunity for outdoor sites or foodie blogs, and yields you an 8% commission on 60 day cookies with an average order of $80. Grab ahold of the huge market this is opening up for backpacking, camping, outdoors, and health. Sign up on the Patagonia Provisions program description page!

That rounds up this roundup. Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming post on growth!
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