Earlier this month we announced the first major component of the new affiliate marketing platform, Arches, would be released soon. The team is thrilled to share the Affiliate Dashboard is now live!

If you missed the last post about the Arches platform, please circle back and read HERE.

Current affiliates in the AvantLink network should be eager to go see these new features for yourself.

• Mobile Responsiveness – Page is responsive to all screen sizes and is mobile friendly

• Enhanced Graphing Capabilities
– Over 20 metrics to choose from (previously only 2)
– More date dimensions/intervals to group data by (by day, week, month, quarter)

• Build Tracking Links Directly from your Dashboard

• Compare Quick Stats Year Over Year

• New Top Merchants graph.  See metrics for affiliates top merchants

In the near future, we will release a new saving feature which will allow you to save your preferred dashboard configurations, watch for it!

If you are currently a network partner and have immediate questions, feel free to reach out to the Account Management team HERE. If you’re not yet on the platform and would like more details, connect with our Business Development Team HERE.

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  • Looks real sweet, thanks for the update.
    – Quick Stats could use “Previous 7 Days” in the date range selection.
    – A list of Top Pages to show where I’m pushing conversions from would help too.

    • Thank you for the feedback, Kimball! Happy to hear you are enjoying the new dashboard. There is a Previous 7 Day option in the Quick Stats. Please let me know if you cannot see it. As for the suggestion for the list of top converting pages we are actively working towards this feature but it will come out after our new tracking is released. Cheers!

  • My apologies, I somehow missed your last comment. We are planning on releasing a deep linking feature for in platform pages. However, if you do not have an active user session when you click on the deep link, we will first ask you to login, and after successful login verification you will be redirected to the page.

  • I wanted to provide an update on my previous comment. Deep linking is now supported in the AvantLink platform.