The total solar eclipse of 2017 is right around the corner. This spectacle of mother nature is for many a once-in-a-lifetime event, with the last occurrence in the United States taking place in 1979. That’s 38 years ago and long before affiliate marketing existed. Skip to the present, and affiliates have used the eclipse as a fantastic promotion opportunity in the form of gear guides. Here are some of the more popular verticals used to make the guides:

  • Eclipse Glasses: Safety first! When staring directly at the sun during a partial eclipse, special eye protection is required. And affiliates have not lost sight of that (horrible joke…), promoting all sorts of special eclipse sunglasses for those wanting to witness the event with their own eyes.
  • Automotive: For anyone who is traveling to the area in the path of totality, smaller towns and cities in that path have warned of limited supplies for travelers. Things like fuel will likely be completely unavailable, leading to a huge opportunity to promote gas cans, car hitch accessories and even travel safety equipment.
  • Outdoor Equipment: Huge numbers of solar eclipse viewers will be roughing it out in the wild, many with family and kiddos in tow. The outdoor gear needed to support that type of travel makes for nearly unmatched list content for those looking for advice.
  • Travel Bookings: Not into roughing it in the wild? Opportunities with programs like the affiliate program are a hugely helpful in helping people make their accommodations for their trip.
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If you’re reading this and haven’t taken advantage of eclipse-mania, it’s likely too late to take advantage of the craze. But it does help give an outline for what savvy affiliate marketers do to take full advantage during one-off events like the 2017 solar eclipse. It’s also a good reminder to always be vigilant of out of the ordinary happenings in the world and approach those happenings with a marketer’s eye.  Be aware of the next opportunity like the eclipse and take advantage of the hype like so many affiliates are doing right now.

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