That Time When Brad’s Deals Told Everyone How To Do It…

Every business has their secret sauce for success. A formula that only they know and operate by, and something that is rarely, if ever, seen by anyone outside of the organization. That’s what makes it secret. But every so often, a business will peel back the layers and show others just what their formula looks like, just like Brad’s Deals did earlier this week.

Brad’s Deals is a not just a leading deal-finding site for consumers, but a super-affiliate the relies heavily on content strategy to stay ahead of the competition. And in a post from Tuesday, they detailed 15 lessons they have learned from a decade and a half of producing content. In other words, this is their content strategy play book. Their “secret sauce”.

Every affiliate who has any amount of content production needs to read this post and its 15 highly actionable points. As a teaser, here is my favorite point that is so counter-intuitive to traditional content generation logic:

Lists of things do not drive revenue- There are exceptions to this rule. If the list you’re creating is the sort of thing that people will want to print out and stick to the fridge as a handy reference because it’s solving a problem for them, that can work for you. But your customer needs to have a lightbulb moment. It has to be solving a pain point or it’s not going to be worth the effort. We used to post lists like “10 Summer Essentials You Can’t Live Without” and they would absolutely tank. Were we saying anything new or special? Not really. Our readers weren’t fooled and Google didn’t rank it since it wasn’t new or better than anything already out there.

Read the full “15 Content Lessons We’ve Learned In 15 Year’s Of Brad’s Deals” article and a big thanks to Rebecca Lehmann for putting together a fantastic article.

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