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While the theme of disrupting the status quo runs deep in regards to everything here at AvantLink, what really ties the company together is the remarkable team behind the scenes here in our Park City headquarters. The employees here at AvantLink, affectionately referred to as “Avantees, ” are passionate about being 10 times better than the competition, offering the best customer support possible, and fostering relationships with merchants and affiliates. Our team really cares about what we do. But it doesn’t stop there.


Avantees on Charity: Water

In connection with our Ten Year Charity Challenge, we asked our team members to share how they feel about our support of Charity:Water. Here is some insight from our team members about what we’re doing here at AvantLink to mark our Ten Year Anniversary.


“As I write this quote, I am glancing at my water bottle on my desk, full of water from our office cooler. It’s a stark reminder that those who do not need to spend time worrying about where their next day’s clean water will come from have a responsibility to help those who do. We’re lucky that we have continued access to clean water and lucky to have a chance to make a measurable impact in the lives of those who do not.”

– Chad Waite, Marketing Manager

“It is wonderful to be able to help individuals with a basic necessity such as clean water. We can come together in relieving suffering that is occurring for other fellow human beings due to the lack of drinkable water. In this small way we can make the world a better place for all of us to live.”

Philip Adamson,  Support Technician

“Accessibility to clean water truly changes everything.  It is the most basic necessity and is essential for every individual, family, and community.  Clean water puts children in schools, maintains health, and provides developing communities the opportunity to SUCCEED.”  

Andy Benton, Product Manager

“Our team is incredibly fortunate to be a part of such a successful company and it’s beautiful to see that success shared on a global scale where we can make a real difference in other people’s lives. As AvantLink celebrates Ten Years and marks that major milestone by donating $10,000 to, it’s mind blowing to think how many lives we can affect. If $30 provides clean water to one person, then we’ve helped 333 humans who don’t have access to drinkable water. What better way is there to celebrate disruptive innovation than having that kind of impact on hundreds of lives across the world?”

– Casey Sowul, Marketing Communications Strategist

“We often forget that the little things we enjoy everyday – like clean and safe drinking water –  are out of reach for others in developing nations. I’m proud that our efforts at AvantLink can benefit the goal of Charity:Water, an organization who gives 100% of the donated funds toward this important cause.”

– Vanessa Isaacson, Affiliate Program Manager


We truly care about what we do here at AvantLink and we encourage our affiliate and merchant partners to share in our passion. Together, we can celebrate AvantLink’s Ten Year Anniversary by contributing to disruptive change across the globe. Join us.


Want to get in on the celebration and help us raise funds for


All you have to do is mention us @AvantLink or use #AvantLinkTen on Twitter or Facebook and we will donate $5. Help us reach our $10,000.00! The more you share, the more we donate!

Learn more about the AvantLink Ten Year Charity Challenge here.

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