If you’re reading this, you made it through the biggest online shopping days of the year: Black Friday and Cyber Monday. With real-time data collected on the AvantLink network, we were able to analyze and share insights with you. If you missed them, read our articles on Black Friday and Cyber Monday and learn about this year’s numbers to help you predict shopping patterns for next year!
In this roundup, we’re going to try something different and give you some tips and tools that are a direct response to our Black Friday and Cyber Monday insights.

The Numbers


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P.S. here are the data highlights from both major holiday shopping days for reference:

Black Friday

black friday

Cyber Monday

cyber monday

Tool of the Week



We saw an increase in click-through rates for both Black Friday and Cyber Monday this year. Affiliates are using more custom links than ever before, reducing the dependence on banner ads to drive clicks, and appealing more to the savvy consumer.
The Snaplinker tool saw a ton of use this year, and it makes creating affiliate links easy right from your browser. You don’t even have to login to your dashboard.


We saw higher average order values for Black Friday, but lower for Cyber Monday. Also, conversion rates slipped slightly for both shopping days. This may indicate that shoppers have become better at finding sales, or affiliates were more adept at spreading the word. Either way, working with affiliates to ensure that the right messaging goes with the right ads and custom links can only help improve these metrics. If a consumer is expecting a certain sale, and when they arrive at your website, it’s different, then they likely won’t convert. See our holiday webinar for tips on how to stay aligned and increase conversion rates.

New Merchants

Luxi Sleep Australia brings the first adjustable mattress-in-a-box to the Australian market. With a quality product like this and high order values, there’s huge potential for affiliates to market in Australia. Apply on the Luxi Sleep Australia program description page.

The Saints Bookstore at Seward Community College has launched their affiliate program. Earn 5% on 30 day cookies marketing Saints gear, books, and supplies! Apply on the SCCC program description page.

Join us next week for more insights, tips, and the latest AvantLink merchant programs!

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