What is Affiliate Marketing?
At AvantLink we always try our best to help affiliates and merchants make the most of affiliate marketing, and we’ve got some good news for you on all fronts this week. We’re also trying to grow the affiliate network, spread the word, and recruit more quality bloggers and websites.
But Affiliate Marketing can sound intimidating, and can often be difficult to understand if you haven’t been in the industry. So if you’re having trouble explaining it to someone, or you’re looking to recruit new affiliates who might be in the dark, we’ve created a 90 second video that explains it all, in a nutshell.

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Network Updates

This week, our development team optimized the Merchant page view, so now the information will populate much more quickly.
This should save you time, and also serves as a reminder to take a second now and then to search for new merchant programs that fit in with your content or website.

Affiliate News

iGive.com has recently launched updated versions of their mobile Applications! With an improved user experience and ‘prettier’ layout, iGive members, who are already viewing our site and our merchants’ sites on their mobile devices, will easily be able to find their favorite stores, offers, and Bonus Donation opportunities for their conscious-shopping behavior.
Downloads are available for iOS and Android.

Tool of the Week



Affiliates. Who doesn’t love the deal of the day idea? I know I’ve bought plenty of things because they were a good deal for a limited time. So why not take some of your merchants’ products and display the best deal of the day, every day? Sounds like a lot of work, doesn’t it. Nah. AvantLink has a dynamic Deal of the Day tool that automatically updates. Use the video to install it on your site and provide your readers with quick access to the best deals each day.


That serves as a nice reminder for merchants to configure and keep your ads up to date. The more tools your affiliates have at their disposal, the better they can integrate you into their content and drive sales. Watch this video on configuring ads and make sure you give it everything you’ve got!

New Merchant Programs


Sports bloggers and bloggers with kids, we’ve got a new merchant for you! The Shop Junior Golf program offers golf gear that’s tailored to small humans. Earn 10% commission on a 30 day cookie. Apply on theShop Junior Golf program description page.

Fashion & health go hand in hand with Fountain Cosmetics, new to the AvantLink Australia network. Earn 15% on a 120 day cookie when you convert sales on these anti-aging beauty products. Details available on the Fountain Cosmetics program description page.

Booking.com is now live on all AvantLink networks, including Australia. So travel bloggers take note, as Booking.com’s vacation bookings are international and come in every flavor. Apply ASAP on the Booking.com program description page.

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