Now we’re really getting into the thick of the holidays, so we’re offering up a few more resources to make sure your affiliate sites and programs are running smooth. We have holiday webinars coming up next week on November 18 that feature strategies for both affiliates and merchants. Click one of the links below to sign up!
Last week we announced AvantExpo17, and we want to remind you that early bird pricing is 20% off for a limited time! So check out the benefits of attending, and see some of the awesome activities at
This week, let’s look at some ways to thrive during the holidays, and check out our new merchant programs below!

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Webinar Links


Affiliate Webinar

AvantLink Holiday Strategies for Affiliates Webinar, Friday November 18, 2016 at 10:00 am

Merchant Webinar

AvantLink Holiday Strategies for Merchants Webinar, Friday November 18, 2016 at 11:00 am

Tool of the Week


Affiliates & Merchants

During the holidays, you want everything on your site to run smoothly. If you have any issues, or proactive questions, reach out to our amazing support team. They will be on deck and will answer your questions as quickly and effectively as possible. See what our support team is capable of and how to contact them.

New Merchants


STORMTECH is highly technical outdoor apparel for anyone and pretty much any purpose. Become an affiliate today and earn 8% on a 30 day cookie. Apply on the US and Canada program description pages.

Hot Sox make a great gift with cool designs that keep your feet comfy and warm. Earn 10% on a 60 day cookie from this original sock brand. Apply on the Hot Sox program description page.

KBell Socks is another great sock brand joining to the AvantLink network. Their designs will make you laugh, and there are plenty of holiday styles to choose from! Earn 10% on a 60 day cookie. Apply on the KBell Socks program description page.

The Coleman family of products that we all grew up with on family camping trips. This outdoor company has something for every activity and they’re now live on AvantLink! If you are one of the first 5 affiliates to convert $1000 in sales, you’ll receive a $50 bonus! See the details on the Coleman program description page.

Attend our webinars next week for holiday tips & tools that make your site or program more successful! See you there!
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