A few weeks ago, a new video tool called Immerxon launched on the AvantLink app market. This slick new tool drastically changes how affiliates approach video ads by allowing individual product links to be embedded in the video content itself.

If you haven’t had a chance to learn how it works, we highly recommend doing so. For affiliates that use video content, the benefits are immediately obvious. For those who don’t produce video content, Immerxon offers a great chance to try out the medium with high-impact affiliate link integration. Take a look at the short overview and demo video below to see how Immerxon works.

New Merchant Launches

Ottawa University Bookstore is a local bookstore serving the students, faculty and staff of Ottawa University with pride. Our primary goal is to ensure students are able to obtain the course materials they need at reasonable prices.

Join the Ottawa University Bookstore affiliate program.

BN LABS developed to provide you with exactly what you need to achieve your personal goals in fitness and living healthier each day. No more, no less. Each of our products are formulated with the very best ingredients and the highest standards of internal purity. They’re made to not only to answer your body’s many mental and physical demands but each time, to deliver a great flavor experience without the lingering medicine or chemical like taste that’s commonly found with others.

Join the BN LABS affiliate program.

We are an American online eyewear destination for designer and exclusive boutique brand eyeglasses. Our specialty carries over to quality lenses that offer function, protection, and comfort.

Join the Glasses Gallery affiliate program.

Brux Night Guard is The Best Engineered Mouth Guard for Teeth Grinding on the Market. Brux is Made for Teeth Grinders by Teeth Grinders.

Join the Brux Night Guard affiliate program.

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