Insiders Guide To Finding Holiday & Seasonal Ads 2


With the holidays come changing promotions from Black Friday to Free Shipping Day.  It’s a challenge to find ads for each holiday AND to keep those ads updated with the most current promotion and holiday specific ad from your merchant.  Add in the seasons and, without a little help, this can become a full-time job!

We can help!

Below we’ll show you how to find ads tagged for each specific holiday AND in a Best Practice Tip show you how you can automate ad changes so promotions sync in real time with your merchants promotions.  Combining these two strategies will position you for the highest conversions this holiday season, so take a look and as always let us know if you have any questions.


  1. To find holiday-specific ads, start by logging into your affiliate account at Head to the top navigation bar and select Ad Tools > Merchant Ads > Get Ads.


Holiday Ads - Step 1



  1. Using the ‘Category’ drop down menu, scroll through the various ‘Seasonal/Promotional’ listings to select the relevant upcoming holiday (let’s use Black Friday and Cyber Monday). Once you’ve found the holiday, select ‘Get Ads.’ This will bring up all ads tagged to that holiday by the merchant. You’re able to narrow your search further, by selecting a specific merchant from the ‘Merchant’ drop down menu or selecting which ‘Ad Type’ you would like (banner, text, etc.).


Holiday Ads - Step 2



  1. Once you’ve found the ad(s) you would like to use, click the ‘Get HTML’ link to the left of the ad.


Holiday Ads - Step 3



  1. This will bring up a new pop-up window, with the details of the ad. In this window you can select which of your affiliate websites(if you have more than one) you’re displaying the ad on, as well as ‘Integration Type.’  Select ‘Get HTML’ and you’re ready to place the code on your site!


Holiday Ads - Step 4

That’s it.  A simple solution to finding the ads that fit the time of year for your site.  To go above and beyond look for ads titled ‘Current Promo’ and follow our Best Practice Tip below to automate your ads to sync in real time with your merchant promotional messages.



Holiday Ads - Best Practice Tip


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