See the photo below this sentence? Try hovering over the jacket in the photo and see what happens.

The North Face Denali Fleece Jacket - Men's Size M Color CharcoalHeather/TNFBlack

Denali Jacket

You’ve just experienced the latest affiliate marketing tool available through the AvantLink App Market called SnapVisi and it will change the way you and other affiliates use photos for marketing. SnapVisi is a brilliant tool that allows you to select certain areas within a photo, most likely products, and tag that area with a custom affiliate link that leads to that product. All of this is done through an easy to use bookmarklet tool that is available anywhere you use your photos.

If the “snap” and the bookmarklet portion sounds familiar, that’s because SnapVisi was built by Justin Ball, the developer who revolutionized how affiliates gets custom links with the SnapLinker and created the super powerful but simple SnapSearcher price comparison and product search tool. SnapVisi as well as SnapLinker and SnapSearcher are all available on the AvantLink App Market for you to use, and yes, they’re still completely 100% free!

Here’s how to use SnapVisi in three easy steps:

Step 1- Setup: 

SnapVisi in the AvantLink App Market

To set up the SnapVisi for use, start by logging into your affiliate account, heading to ‘Ad Tools’ up at the top and then selecting the AvantLink App Market. Select SnapVisi from the list of apps, agree to the terms, and simply drag the blue “SnapVisi Button” into your bookmark bar in your browser. That’s it- tool setup complete!

Step 2- Tagging Products:

When using a photo on your website or blog, SnapVisi gives you the ability to tag products within that photo in certain areas with product-specific affiliate links. Note- your photo must already be loaded on your blog/site for SnapVisi to find it. For this tutorial, we’ll be demoing how this looked in a WordPress post for the photo of the jacket shown above.

  1. Click on the SnapVisi bookmarklet. The tool instantly scans the page your on and picks up any photo that is on that page. Select your desired photo you would like to tag.
  2. Once you’ve selected the photo, click the “Outline Products” button to draw a bracket around the desired product in the photo.SnapVisi Product Outline
  3. After the outline is complete, click the “Link” button and search for a product you would like to link that outline to. Once you selected a product from the search results, the affiliate link is automatically generated for you and associated with the outline.SnapVisi Product Search

Note that you can select multiple products and tag them with affiliate links in a single image.

Setp 3- Setting SnapVisi Up On Your Page

After you’ve tagged the products in the photo, it’s time to put a little bit of code on your webpage to enable SnapVisi to work on your tagged photo. Note- if you’re using WordPress, make sure to complete the steps below while using the “text” editing option and not the “visual” editing option.

SnapVisi Code

  1. To actually ‘enable’ SnapVisi to work, a little snippet of Javascript needs to be place on either the individual page or on a site-wide element of the website. If SnapVisi will be used more than once, it’s highly recommended that this Javascript be put in the header or footer of a website on not on an individual page.
  2. After you’ve uploaded the Javascript, simply hit the “Click to Insert Code” button and the outline of the product and the affiliate link will be automatically paired to the photo you selected. Super easy,huh?

Once that code is in place and you publish the webpage, SnapVisi will transform your photos into a very powerful, very relevant marketing tool that should be a major help to any affiliate who uses photos. A huge thanks to Justin Ball for the large amount of time spent developing this tool and for making it available to all AvantLink affiliates. Also, thanks to the Fanatics team for a wonderful writeup and demo of the SnapVisi, which you can find on their affiliate program resource blog.

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  • Awesome tool Justin! We’ll be talking to our affiliates about this. And, kudos again to AvantLink for supporting the open development of affiliate tools!

    • Thanks for the props, Joel. Also glad to hear you’ll be pushing this to your affiliates. Can’t tell you how nice it is for us to know that managers understand the tools.

  • Wade M. Tonkin

    This tool is really awesome. I’d love to see it integrated with the AvantLink WP plugin just to simplify integration a bit, but it’s definitely a next level tool. Points to Justin for developing it and points to AvantLink for opening up the platform for development by smart guys like Justin who help advance the cause.

  • Great Job Justin, knocking it over the fence with this tool. Very Useful.