For those affiliates who have used the amazing SnapLinker tool found in the AvantLink App Market, you’re already well aware of the super practical and lightning quick custom link generation capabilities this tool has. And if you’re among the few affiliates who still hasn’t tried the tool, cancel whatever you have planed for the next ten minutes and get familiar with the SnapLinker. Seriously, just go check it out right now. You’ll thank me later.

So why am I on about SnapLinker again in yet another standalone post about this tool? Because as of just a few days ago, SnapLinker has been updated to include more- yes, more- uber helpful functionality that is just way to amazing not to detail here on AvantShare.

All users of this tool will now see two little tabs up at the top of the SnapLinker widget, one titled “Search” and another titled “Saved”.

SnapLinker Search and Save Tabs

Search Functionality

Say I’m on a product page on a merchant’s site and I’ve just used SnapLinker to convert that URL to an affiliate link. But maybe that product isn’t the only product I want to get an affiliate link for. I have another specific product in mind, but I don’t want to take the time to search for that individual product on the merchant’s website.

By clicking on the “Search” tab at the top of the SnapLinker popup, I can now search for products across all of my merchants and get links instantaneously for any product result that I would like to use. It’s that simple. Take a look at the screenshot below where I’ve searched for “Payton Manning Broncos Jersey”.

SnapLinker Product Search

You can see that SnapLinker is now displaying all relevant hits for “Payton Manning Broncos Jersey”, in this case from the Fanatics affiliate program. Additionally, it also shows my current commission rate with Fanatics, the price of the product and how much in commission I’ll earn if I sell this particular product. Not bad, huh?

Below the product description, there are two options to get the product URL in an affiliate link or to get it in a link paired with the product image. Both options spit out some HTML code so you can immediately put it on your site.

Saved Products

So, I’ve found my Payton Manning jersey and got my affiliate link for it, but there are still a couple more products I’d like to search for. Because affiliates will often look for multiple products, SnapLinker lets users save any links they’d like to reference later by clicking on the “Save” button after selecting the link for a product in the search page. These saved links are then accessed by the tab labeled “Saved” (surprise, surprise!) from the main SnapLinker interface.

SnapLinker Saved Links

In the screenshot above, you can see that I’ve saved the image-based links for two products that I’ve searched for: Lone Peak trail running shoes and a Fuji road bike. I can access these links whenever I’d like and the saved list can be edited at any time.

Get Started With The App Market

Remember that the SnapLinker is part of the AvantLink App Market and is available to every affiliate on the network. If you need an introduction to the App Market, take a look at the tutorial video here and then check out not only SnapLinker but other powerful tools including the AdRotatorPlus (featuring the new Deal Of The Day integration), the Buy Button and more!

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