Are you an AvantLink merchant or affiliate? If so, you’ve hopefully taken some time to get familiar with the robust tool suite we have for affiliates. These tools offer dynamic, out-of-the-box ways to boost your affiliate marketing efforts, but can understandably be a bit hard to get started when you’re unsure of how to tie a new tool in to your existing marketing strategies.

For most, the best way learn something new is to see a well-done example of it, and the affiliate world is no exception. Because of this, we’ve decided to start offering just that in a new ongoing series we have called Real Affiliate Tool Examples, or RATE for short. Each RATE post will feature a real-life example of a tool being used in an effective way by an affiliate. Each example is of course showed with the permission of the affiliate, which means we’ll include URLs to the tool example so you can experience it firsthand!

To kick things off, today’s RATE looks at a fantastic implementation of the Product Content Widget (PCW) on For those not familiar with the PCW, this powerful tool offers a wide range of functionality from displaying in-depth product details to dynamic price comparisons across all your merchants. It’s one of the more advanced tools AvantLink offers, but for those of you who have the technical inclination to try it out, you’ll be given full access to a tool that can be fully customized to enhance your content like no other affiliate marketing tool can.

In MTNWeekly’s case, they used the PCW as a robust, totally dynamic price comparison widget with much of their product review content, including this Adidas Terrex Solo shoe review. Click on that link and take a look at the widget below the end of the review content.

PCW Example


The MTNWeekly PCW you see in the screenshot above is dynamically generating its content for every page it’s placed on, meaning that if the product MTNWeekly was reviewing was, say, a Burton Joystick snowboard and not Adidas shoes, the PCW would dynamically show price comparisons for a Burton Snowboard instead. Witchcraft or black magic, you ask? No, just the clever use of some specific HTML tags in the content that MTNWeekly has told the PCW to look for.

In the PCW’s configuration screen, there is an area to adjust some advanced options. Several of these options help dictate what the PCW’s dynamic content generation abilities look for when a webpage is loaded. You can specify the PCW to pull information from certain HTML tags on a page in order to have it search your merchant datafeeds instantaneously for any products that match that information and then display them in a price comparison widget like you see above. In the sceenshot below, you see that this PCW has been configured to pull the information from any span tags on the site that have an id value of “product”.

PCW Configuration Example

The PCW HTML tag configuration options (note, this is random example and not from MTNWeekly)

In other words, if the PCW finds some content wrapped in <span id=”product”>Product Name Here</span> on any of your pages, it will automatically return products that fit the information between those tags. This MTNWeekly example is a very well-done example of how to use the Product Content Widget’s price comparison functionality on your site to really enhance the value of your content

For a full training on the PCW, see the February Product Content Widget training webinar recording.

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  • mtnweekly

    The Mountain Weekly News is honored to be kicking off the AvantLink RATE (Real Affiliate Tool Examples) series. Your PCW widget is such a strong tool. For years we had used the Product Content Widget “out of the box” by manually placing the PCW code generated by AvantLink into the bottom of our product review post. This worked great by automatically populating a list of our merchant partners that had the product we were reviewing
    for sale.

    Earlier this month we decided to automate the process a bit more by having the PCW embedded into each review page and then allowing the Product Content Widget to search for the product via the H1 title tag. A little bit of custom CSS styling and we are now extremely happy with the way the widget is displaying.

    This only scratches the surface of possibilities as we’ll be adding more powerful uses in the near future, multiple products on same page, etc..

    Big Thanks goes out to Scott, Garry, Chad and the entire AvantLink crew!

  • Soren McCarty

    Great to see 2 great companies working together, to help people enjoy great products for the outdoors.