During account interface training for new merchants, we go over best practices for ad management, communication with Affiliates, deal feed management, etc. We cover a lot of ground in these 60-90 minute sessions, so it’s easy for folks to forget some basic mechanics for promotion management once they launch. Here is a recent email exchange about how merchants can best manage ongoing promotions in their AvantLink ad list.

Merchant asked: I need some words of wisdom from you. When we are running a sale should we put banners of all sizes or just a few and some text ads?

AvantLink answered: If you dedicate say three banner ad units to “Current Promos” you would cover it pretty well. If an Affiliate needs another ad unit they will request it. Whenever there is a new promo replacing an old, just utilize (or recycle) the same ad unit with the new banner. The ad units I would suggest are: 468×60, 728×90, 125×125.

If there is a period of time when no promos are available, just expire those ad units and they will come off your active ad list.

It’s an ideal situation to have those three banner ad units dedicated to current promos, but *at the very minimum* you should feature all promotions (store sales, free gift offers, free shipping, coupons, etc.) as a text ad unit, and be sure to include that text ad in the coupon/deal feed by flagging the “Yes” option for this is a deal/coupon campaign.

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