AvantLink Merchant Holiday Strategy Webinar


For those who weren’t able to make part two of our 2013 Merchant Holiday Strategies Webinar series, we recorded the presentation and is now available through our YouTube channel or embedded below in this post.

If you haven’t viewed the first holiday strategy webinar from October, it’s probably best to start by catching up on that one and getting up to speed on the very most basic elements of proper program optimization for the holidays.

November’s installment in this series covered the following topics:

  1. DOTD holiday optimization: 2:15
  2. 3 examples of super effective holiday campaigns: 15:40
  3. The immense value of dynamically updating ads: 22:52
  4. Roadblocking with the Paid Placement Bidding system27:35

The final chapter in our 2013 Merchant Holiday Strategies Webinar series will be on Wednesday, December 4th at 11am MST.

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