Today, we announce some exciting news for all AvantLink users. In a week’s time, you will see the first of many planned updates to the AvantLink system, all of which are part of a long-term roadmap to move the network to next generation functionality. This first update will improve the way you log into your AvantLink account, greatly streamlining management efforts for users with multiple accounts on the system.

Wait…The First Update Is “Just” About Logins?

Yes, and we fully admit on the surface it’s not the most sexy sounding of updates. But it’s an important one that sets the stage for continuous rolling updates to the platform.

Think about a contractor who is remodeling a house. Before that contractor can make any progress on demolishing walls or putting new counter tops in, they must methodically plan out how equipment, new building materials, and laborers access and interact with the construction space. Each remodeling project can start only after successfully being able to access those external materials, and then understanding how those materials will cooperate with the internal environment. Much like a door or window is the gateway to a house getting a refresh, the new login system on AvantLink is the methodically thought-out gateway that enables every future project to function and succeed.

OK, So What Does This New Login System Do?

In a nutshell, the new login process consolidates management of accounts, greatly increases account security, and simultaneously logs you into our Classic system and any AvantLink 2.0 system updates. We’ll break each of those down, but let’s start with that last point as it is the most important.

Simultaneous Login:

As the term “rolling updates” above indicated, incremental updates and future improvements to the system will become available over time. Your login needs to be able to support existing functionality on the current AvantLink system while at the same time give you access to new features on the new network platform. In other words, this functionality avoids users having to wait until the full and complete build of the next network platform is done in order to get powerful new features. Instead, you’re able to use them as they’re released.

AvantLink Account Switcher

Consolidated Account Management:

Many AvantLink users have requested better management of situations where multiple accounts are involved. Perhaps you have an affiliate account in AvantLink and Avantlink Canada. Or maybe you’re a program manager for several brands but need separate logins for each instead of a parent login. There are many situations where AvantLink users have multiple accounts that currently require difference sign-ins to access. With this login update, users will be able to link all of their accounts to one singular email login and simply switch profiles with a drop down box in their account.

To link accounts, please reach out to our support team. You will choose a primary email you would like to login with, and they’ll make the consolidations from there.

MFA code input for AvantLink logins

Multi-factor Authentication (MFA)

In order to make your accounts as safe as possible, this update introduces MFA. For those not familiar, MFA is the process of adding an extra security measure to a login that ensures that you are…well, really you and not a hacker. With the new AvantLink system, you will be asked to enter an authentication code that is sent to your phone via text or call.

Affiliate balance totals

New Header & Access To Account Items

A redesigned header will now give easy access to the account switching dropper and login/logout options. Additionally, users will be able to quickly see balance totals, withdrawal options and billing items.

What Follows This Update?

The question of ‘how’ a user interacts with AvantLink has been answered. Now, the next step is determining ‘what’ they can interact with. The first stop on the development roadmap is to provide users with much greater access to actionable reporting data. This means a robust new portal for configuring highly customizable performance reports, put together from pools of data facts and dimensions. As updates continue to roll out, the system will see a heavy emphasis on data-visualization and increased access to additional data points.

These updates will continue with time as will our announcements and overviews on this blog.

A Few More Important Items

As this first update gets pushed out to the network, access to your account on AvantLink will be temporarily unavailable on Wednesday, May 3rd from 8 PM to 10 PM MST. This will only affect your ability to log into your account for a short period of time. All tracking of affiliate referrals and links will still remain active and functioning.

Also, for any affiliates or merchants using the AvantLink API, this update will have no affect on API functionality.

We hope you are excited to see these updates start to take hold in the AvantLink interface. Of course, with any feedback feel free to message our support team, talk to us on Twitter or Facebook or leave comments below.

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  • Mike Hardaker

    I am no longer seeing our pending funds tab? Has this been removed with the update. Its the most important thing I look at daily

    • Thank you for your feedback, Mike. We intend to do a release in the future to add back in the pending balance, but in the interim we have some features that are prioritized higher. As the article indicates, the login is a prerequisite for AvantLink to launch 2.0 features so we needed to ship this project to allow us to release future features that we are working on. Thank you for your patience.

  • Mike Hardaker

    When is 2.0 being released? We are unable to see any refer urls from https to avantlink http