AvantLink Merchant Datafeed Quality Report

To help our savvy affiliates who regularly utilize raw merchant datafeed, we’ve created a very handy new report that provides insight into what information and details each merchant datafeed contains as well as a quality score. This report is available in the “reports” section of your AvantLink account and can accessed by selecting “Merchant Quality Datafeed” from the report drop down box. 

From here, you will see a full breakdown of not only the datafeeds of merchants that you currently are an affiliate for, but also those datafeeds of merchants that you have no relationship with. For merchants programs that you’re not a part of, there is an “Apply Now” option next to the datafeed breakdown for quick application to those programs.

The Merchant Datafeed Quality report shows what information can be expected in feeds in addition to the standardized data we require on all feeds:

Standardized Info On All Datafeeds:

  1. SKU
  2. Product Name
  3. Long Description
  4. Category
  5. Image URL
  6. Buy Link
  7. Retail Price

Additional Optional Information (shown in this report)

  1. Product Count: The number of individual products included in the merchant’s datafeed.
  2. Brand Names: An additional column that supplies the name of the brand on top of just the product name.
  3. MPN: Manufacturer Part Number
  4. UPC: Universal Product Code
  5. Products on Sale: Additional information column signaling products that are on sale.
  6. Google Categories: If the datafeed uses product categories that have been defined by Google for use in their shopping feeds.
  7. Quality Score: An overall quality score of the datafeed.
  8. Datafeed Quality Explanation: A breakdown of the quality score for each datafeed.

We hope the information in this report helps affiliates get more familiar with the information that’s offered in each merchant datafeed. Questions or comments? Let us know in the comments below.

AvantLink Merchant Datafeed Quality Report Example


Click here to see expanded version of the report screenshot above.

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  • Mike


    This is very helpful! Thank you for all the work on this.

    One thing that I did want to pass along that affiliates would like (I know I would love it!) is a resizable text box on the data feed sign up page. It would save so much time from having to scroll slowly to select the appropriate feed categories or sub-categories from the little text box with the scroller. If that was a resizable textbox – that would be a game changer for me & I suspect for others who carve out precious hours of the day to pursue an affiliate career.

    I’ve attached a screen shot of what I mean.

    Thanks again to all at AvantLink!

    • Hey Mike- thanks for the compliments and even more for the suggestions. That’s a great idea. I’ll forward this along to the development team and we’ll see what we can do to get it in place for you.


      • Mike

        Thanks much Chad! I really appreciate AvantLink considering this feature request. Again, this would be absolutely HUGE. Love the added reporting feature. Once again, excellent service for AL affiliates!


        • Hey Mike- this feature has been added now. Take a look the next time you’re putting together a datafeeds and feel free to give us some feedback on Twitter: twitter.com/AvantLink

          • Mike

            You guys seriously rock! Just made my Friday Chad! Yea man!

  • Seriously classy team at Avantlink