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Early in the year, marketers are budgeting and planning their strategy. As we saw on the network at the end of 2016, affiliate marketing is not to be ignored. With a high volume of sales driven by affiliates, focusing in on your strategy and crafting a marketing game plan that involves your brand ambassadors is essential. And it’s a good idea to get started early and stay ahead of major shopping events and opportunities.

To help you form your game plan as a merchant or an affiliate at AvantLink, we’ll exploring strategies throughout the year. To start off your game plan, read about 2017 predictions from affiliate marketing experts. This awesome look back at 2016 and what’s ahead is a great way to start your strategy and apply it to your business.

As a matter of fact, we’d be super grateful if you could share how the insights from that article will affect your strategy this year. That way, we can steer our content and research in a direction that is more useful to you.

Content for Your Marketing Game Plan

Later today, we’re going to live stream a discussion about Affiliate Summit West. Whether you were there or not, tune in to our YouTube channel at 1:30 p.m. MST to hear perspectives from an AvantLink veteran whose been to the conference 10 times and some first time attendees. It should be fun, and we’ll all learn a little something by looking at two very different views of what Affiliate Summit West is like, and how it impacts our strategies as marketers.

In addition to our predictions article, we’ve been working hard on some useful tips. Our article from last week explores tactics for writing the best product reviews. Also, to help you supercharge your reviews or other articles, we have a quick write up that explains how to use the free AvantLink app market tools.

We also have something cool for the merchant’s game plan. Looking into new marketing technology tools? The cost of integration can be daunting, but we have a trick that can make technical integration of third party tools a breeze.

New Merchant Announcements

Here’s our exciting list of new merchants that joined the AvantLink network this week. Don’t forget to apply to these programs if you think your site is a good fit, and get in on the latest and greatest products.

Foldies comes to AvantLink in a portable way–these cool sunglasses can fold up and fit in your pocket. But they’re still cool enough for that Blues Brothers look. The brand audience is an active group that tends to be mobile. AvantLink affiliates, apply to earn a 15% commission and explore the program terms on the Foldies US program description page.

Eliel Cycling apparel is on the affiliate scene exclusively with AvantLink. The styles and function come from roots of local cyclists combining their experience with technology to make an excellent product to share with other riders. Affiliates can earn 10% commission on a 90 day cookie and enjoy average order values of $200. It’s a worthwhile brand to promote, so apply and get the details on the Eliel US program description page.

Vuori is an unmatched active apparel brand. Their new affiliate program, which is exclusive on our network, offers affiliates 10% on a 60 day cookie. Their active wear comes from a SoCal mindset and integrates “fitness, outdoor adventure, travel, art and life.” Join their program today from the Vuori US program description page.

Yon-Ka Paris skin care products are a top choice in the film industry and among the best salons in the world. You can find their brand prominently featured in some of the most read magazines, and their longstanding brand (since 1954) is recognized and trusted. Promote their lotions, boosters, and other products to earn 8% on a 30 day cookie exclusively on AvantLink. Read the terms and apply on the Yon-Ka Paris US program description page.

Thanks for reading and be sure to tune in to our YouTube live stream at 1:30 p.m. MST!

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  • I enjoyed your discussion – the feedback after each conference is where we have the choice to select the locations of the future Affiliate Summits, and we actually have a heavier share of the CPS people providing feedback usually.

    As far as those people who do “LobbyCon” and don’t get a pass, we have a short form on our site for affiliates to request a complimentary pass.

    We have been toying around with different formats, timing, etc. with the RevShare Roundup, and it will be different (in ways I think you’ll like) in NYC.

    With the layout of the Meet Market and Exhibit Hall, the spots are reserved on a first come, first serve basis, so we think it would be a disservice to the people booking early if they were all in a similar area of the industry and they got lesser spots.

    Ballast Point is awesome!

    • Hi Shawn! Thanks for watching, and for the additional info. It definitely pays to know the backstory sometimes, like with the Meet Market and Exhibit Hall spots. It sounds like Affiliate Summit is a great conference and is getting better.

      How do all conversations somehow lead to beer?