There’s an old saying that says “the best affiliate networking opportunities happen on an alpine coaster.” OK… perhaps that saying isn’t quite as old or established as we’re claiming, but it will be after AvantLink’s fifth annual user conference, AvantExpo, concludes in mid-July. Why, you ask?

Most people are familiar with the typical conference formula. Go to a big city like Las Vegas, L.A. or New York. Meet with people you think might make good potential clients for a moment and then trade business cards. Follow up over email or phone when you go back home and hope they haven’t forgotten who you are yet.

AvantExpo, on the other hand, is different by design. A carefully selected attendance of top industry affiliates and the most ambitious merchants come together in a unique setting that encourages on-site networking and strategic planning. For AvantExpo 2017, that unique setting is Snowbird, Utah. Brand new conference spaces surrounded by stunning mountain landscapes are complimented with plenty of unique activities like alpine coasters, chairlift rides, and ziplines. Mix in world class dining and you have a conference that is not only memorable but highly conducive to getting business done.

Affiliate spaces are sold out, but for merchants or agencies looking to participate a small number of attendance/sponsorship packages remain. Visit the AvantExpo website for more information on the event or the registration page for attendance options. For a better idea of what to expect, take a look at the AvantExpo 2016 recap video.


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