One of the biggest discussions in the affiliate industry today is the value of new versus returning customers and visitors. Many brands make the argument that the affiliate channel should be primarily focused on acquiring new customers. Others see it as a great way to re-engage existing customers and keep them coming back.

For affiliates, the same discussion is being applied to visitors of their websites. Bringing in the new whilst retaining the familiar. It’s not hard to find information on tactics and channels for acquiring new visitors. Guidance on retention and loyalty though? That topic is harder to find advice on, especially from an authoritative, experienced source.

A few days back, the AvantLink blog published an editorial piece by Wade Hobbs from Active Junky on this exact topic. In it was a practical guide for creating an environment conducive to bringing visitors back and building that loyalty loop that is so valuable. If you didn’t get a change, we highly recommend reading Hobb’s “Five Keys To Customer Loyalty“.

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