Are you an affiliate marketing program manager for a well-established affiliate marketing program? Then consider this figure: 179% ROI. This would seem like an indicator of success as any ROI above 100% is good ROI, right? But that’s looking at it from the status quo perspective. It seems like it’s “good enough,” but what if you could increase ROI 40% just by exploring other affiliate networks?

Clique Affiliate Marketing did just that for Natchez Shooters Supplies.

Why Clique Affiliate Marketing Chose to Migrate Natchez Shooters Supplies to AvantLink

Natchez had a successful, working affiliate program. So why would Clique choose to switch? As an effective affiliate program manager, Clique was not satisfied with the status quo, and researched ways to make the program even better.

They found that Natchez’s former network had many inactive affiliates, and looked to AvantLink’s rigorous compliance and affiliate vetting processes to solve that problem. In a side-by-side comparison of the networks, Clique noted that the top ten revenue producers for Natchez were already in the AvantLink network, and the interface, reporting tools, and AvantMetrics attribution platform made up for areas where the former network was lacking.

What It Took To Migrate

With the pros column looking bigger on the AvantLink platform, Clique proposed the migration. The majority of time was spent by Clique researching and analyzing the options. Once the decision was made, Natchez’s program was live on AvantLink’s network within a month, running simultaneously with their former network for the first month to smooth the transition over.

AvantLink and Clique made the transition a smooth experience and we had virtually no downtime between affiliate networks. They were always available when questions were raised or help needed. We saw great traction with our program when launched. AvantLink went the extra yard to make sure everyone knew we were new to their network. I would highly recommend AvantLink. - Natchez Shooters SuppliesClick To Tweet

During the transition period (the first month on AvantLink), Natchez saw an increase in performance and YOY growth, and no losses whatsoever.

The Results

After three months on AvantLink’s network, Natchez reached 209% ROI, an increase of 40%!

Download our case study to learn exactly how it was done.

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