It’s the time of year for holiday sales and with a few simple steps you can optimize your ads for maximum participation by affiliates simply by following the two steps below.

Why does this matter:

Just as you manage many affiliate’s participation in your program, affiliates are typically managing multiple merchants in theirs.  Finding ads specific to the Holidays (Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.) can be a bit of a challenge but AvantLink provides tools to make this easier. The tool, however, requires some setup for each ad in the merchant program.

Here are the two steps to optimize your ads for the Holidays (each will be discussed in more detail below and in the video):

  1. In each individual ad, both text and image, set the “This is a coupon/deal campaign:” to “Yes”.  If you have a coupon code enter it in the ‘Coupon Code:’ text box (the coupon code is not required but an optional item so this field can be left blank).  Set the ‘Ad Category’ ‘sub-categories’ to identify the specific sale or holiday, e.g., Black Friday, Cyber Monday, etc.
  2. Communicate this to your affiliates using the  seasonal-promo  and/or  ad-camp-button  button in the AvantLink email tool.


 Checking which Ads are Currently Tagged with What Categories

  • To see which of your ads are currently Tagged with a specific Seasonal/Promo Ad sub-category, simply go to Go to ‘Tools’ ->  Add/Edit Ad Campaigns then make your selection from the Ad Category drop-down menu:



Step-by-Step Instructions for Optimizing your Ads for the Holidays

Step 1:  Setting the Ad Category and identifying the ad as a ‘coupon/deal campaign’ – Typically any promotion you are running for the holiday qualifies as a deal. These do not need to include coupon codes but can if you are using them.

  •   Go to ‘Tools’ ->  Add/Edit Ad Campaigns and choose [Edit] next to the ad you would like to identify as a Seasonal/Promotional ad:


  • Set the ‘This is a coupon/deal campaign:” to yes:


  • Choose the appropriate Promotional Sub-Categories for your Ad:


  • Click  save-button


Step 2.  Communicate Updates to your Affiliates – Provide your program with an edge and let your affiliates know about your Seasonal/Promo Ads using the AvantLink Email Tool.

  • Go to Affiliates -> Email Affiliates
  • In the body of the email you have two options you can use:
  • Option 1: Click the seasonal-promo:


  • When the affiliate clicks on this link it will bring them to all of your ads that you have tagged, in this case, for Black Friday.


  • When the affiliate clicks on this link it will bring them to all of your ads that you have tagged, in this case, for Black Friday.
  • Option 2:  Click the  ad-camp-button and select the Ad(s) that have been tagged as Black Friday


Video Walk-Through


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