We recently had a program manager ask about the best way to handle expired banner campaigns. To give you some context, for historical reporting purposes (and other important reasons), we do not allow program managers to simply “delete” ad units. They can however expire ad units which will effectively remove those ads as options for Affiliates. Check this previous Q&A post or the screencast tutorial below for additional info on Promotion Ad Management.


Program manager asked: What is the best way to be sure that banner promotions do not show on Affiliate web sites after the promo ends?

AvantLink answered: Expiring an ad unit does not necessarily mean the banner will come down off Affiliate web sites. For a best practice to insure there will be no expired banner campaigns out there, review and implement one of the two options below:

  1. Make sure to have a set of standard, branded store banners that can be used to overwrite old promotional banners before they get expired. That way you can be sure no expired promo banners show up out there, regardless of whether or not the Affiliate updates the campaign HTML. We serve each banner impression, so any change you make to banners via your management panel will automatically be reflected on any Affiliate site using the banner.
  2. Another option is to create blank .gif files that can be used to overwrite expired promo banners. This however immediately creates blank real estate on your Affiliate’s web pages. This option could encourage Affiliates to make a manual update when they see the blank file, but we recommend option one as a better alternative.

Hope this info helps!

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