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The beginning of most high-value affiliate and merchant relationships start at a place that generally doesn’t get the attention or recognition it deserves. Well before any sort of application to a network or a program, most affiliates-to-be start at the affiliate program description page on a merchant’s website. These pages are crucial areas that help start the process of turning happy customers who want to promote a brand they may love into affiliate marketers who will help drive traffic, sales, and exposure through their social channels, blogs, or personal websites.

And as important as these program description pages are, most merchants set them up quickly, never giving them an afterthought or applying any strategy to the content on the page.

On the other hand, many merchants do recognize the impact that a dialed, well-done affiliate page can have, taking extra time and effort to make these pages as effective, informative and actionable as possible. Here are five excellent examples of on-site affiliate program description pages:

JensonUSA– Simple and easy to consume, the JensonUSA affiliate program page features bullet point lists that provide every major detail of their program with a clean, uninterrupted page for a backdrop. Also notable is the immediate reasoning why someone should join their program- funding their next big bike purchase- and ample, upfront information to contact the program manager with questions.– From the very beginning, breaks from traditional affiliate program introduction pages by approaching the usual affiliate/merchant relationship as a partnership instead. In fact, the page title is “Partner With Us”, indicating that Jans takes their affiliate relationships seriously. The information on the page is valuable, addressing any FAQs regarding the program, followed by the openly provided email address for the program manager for any remaining questions that go unanswered.

Swell Affiliate Program

The affiliate program description page on

SWELL– Sometimes simplicity really is best. Without a huge focus on granular details like commission rates, cookie days, or AOVs, SWELL manages to quickly describe how their affiliate program works, what networks it runs on, and which network would be best for certain affiliates. It’s simple and relies on their network’s program description pages to fill in the rest of the details upon signup.

Under Armour– To help validate that their program is indeed better than the competition, Under Armour takes a clever approach and starts their affiliate introduction page by showing off their past wins for ‘Best Affiliate Program’ and ‘Exceptional Merchant’.

Fanatics– The Fanatics description page is a wealth of information and strives to set expectations up front on not only what an affiliate can expect from Fanatics, but what Fanatics will expect from affiliates. Typical info points like potential earnings, commission rates, and signup processes are addressed, but Fanatics then goes the extra mile by explicitly outlining promotional methods that are restricted within their program so that each party is on the same page from the beginning.


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