Thanks to everyone who met with AvantLink at Affiliate Summit West! We had a great time networking and learned a lot about where we need to focus in 2017. Something we want to emphasize across the board this year is collaboration. In fact, isn’t affiliate marketing just a form of business collaboration? So what are some ways we can strengthen that bond?

One tool we discussed earlier this week–the AvantLink App Market–is a center of collaboration. Affiliates can install these apps for free and improve ads or create custom links right from the merchant’s website. Also, if you have an idea for an app and you can code, this is the place to develop your app and share it with your colleagues.

Collaboration Tool of the Week


I want to highlight a tool from the app market that can make product reviews and buying guides easier to create with custom links. The SnapLinker is a bookmarklet that creates links straight from your browser.


Learn to collaborate better with affiliates with tips from our End of Year Strategy Webinar. This webinar focuses on the end of the year, but a lot of the tools and ideas are about collaborating with your affiliates on strategy in general. Check it out, and get in touch with your top affiliates.

New Merchant Announcements

AutoPartsWay Affiliate Program is a leading auto parts retailer in Canada, with average 2 day shipping and average orders of $200. Promote this strong brand in a great niche. Join the program today on the program description page on AvantLink Canada.
Whiskware Affiliate Program
Whiskware products make cooking and baking a breeze, and inspire some very artistic pancakes. Apply to be an affiliate for this cool brand today and earn 10% on each sale. Apply on the Whiskware program description page.
Grassracks affiliate program
Grassracks solves all board and bike storage problems with style. Their unique look and functionality make these racks a part of your home rather than a “wall hanger.” Apply on the Grassracks program description page.

Thanks again for stopping by and tune into the blog for some exciting articles next week!

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    • Thanks, Eyu. As always, let us know if you have any ideas or questions you’d like us to explore!