We did it! We have officially hit our $10,000 donation goal. Thanks to each and every single person who participated in our Ten Year Charity Challenge to raise awareness of the charity: water organization. In addition to the $10,000 generated from your shares and mentions, we received another $1,000 in direct donations from partner merchants, affiliates, and our own internal team members!

With a total donation of $11,000, we are proud to say that we’ve helped over 366 individuals gain access to clean drinking water. If you shared the #AvantLinkTen hashtag or mentioned @avantlink in the last 60 days on social media, you were an instrumental part in changing someone’s life. You helped us disrupt the status quo.

On behalf of AvantLink, we are truly thankful for all that has been given in this effort to raise funds for nations without access to clean drinking water. If you’d like to take it to the next level, visit our charity: water donation page and consider leaving us a message with your donation. Donations will be accepted until Dec. 31st.

Learn more about AvantLink’s Ten Year Anniversary here.


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