Most of us at AvantLink like to hit the trails, and that’s why we support the Park City Trail system. Yesterday, we had an all hands meeting at Grub Steak restaurant and the Mountain Trails Foundation, who build and maintain most of the trails throughout park city, showed us what they’ve been up to and how volunteering can help. Visit their site to learn more (or to use the awesome interactive maps).

We like to work with our community and help bring up the standards of quality where we can. This week, we featured a great way for affiliates to collaborate and share ideas with the AvantLink App Market. The free developer tools offered on the App Market allow you to create affiliate applications using the AvantLink API. Take your ideas and turn them into a useful tool, then share them with your colleagues, and we’ll work toward a better internet for all affiliate marketers.

Articles of the Week

Besides our article on how to use the App Market developer tools, we also want to highlight a couple useful resources from a while back.

First, affiliates who haven’t used the App Market yet, check out our article that features some of the most useful apps that deal with ads and custom links. Learn to install and use these apps to make your day to day tasks easier, and make your site more effective.

Merchants can also utilize AvantLink’s technology resources to enhance control over your program, and integrate more tools. Our article on our in-depth tracking software, AvantMetrics, explains how you can get deeper into analytics and also use the AvantMetrics pixel to integrate other tools.

Now, check out our latest merchant program!

New Merchant Announcements

Stowaway Tools, by Klecker Knives, makes use of wasted space you carry around with you every day. They turn your phone into a tool box, and create a bunch of tools and knives, and even key fobs, that can be stored in the back of their special phone cases. 7% commission on a 30 day cookie, and a new product idea to boot! Get details or apply on the Stowaway Tools program description page.
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