We are excited to announce another large group of new merchants that recently have completed integration and are now active on the AvantLink network.

imageAdventure Frog caters to outdoor enthusiasts and weekend adventurers with over 500 products hand-selected to appeal to experienced outdoor folk and city dwellers expanding their gear arsenals. Access to the best outdoor gear at affordable prices allows shoppers to research and purchase a complete supply of outdoor essentials in one location. Trusted brands like Lifestraw, Mountain House, and BioLite are at your fingertips and backed by a six month “any reason” refund guarantee. JOIN THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM TODAY!

image SurvivalFrog.com caters to a vast audience with over 500 products hand-selected to appeal to beginners and experts alike. Access to the most advanced survival gear at affordable prices allows shoppers to research and purchase a complete supply of survival essentials in one location. Trusted brands like LifeStraw, Petzl, Mountain House, and BioLite will ensure your survival supplies perform when you need them. “Preparing Made Easy” is Survival Frog’s motto, and your shopping experience and customer support will prove that being prepared doesn’t have to be difficult. JOIN THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM TODAY! 


imageElliptiGO Inc. is the leader in the stand-up bicycle industry, with more than 24,000 bikes on the road. Combining the best of running, cycling and the elliptical trainer, ElliptiGO bikes deliver a killer workout while eliminating impact on joints and the many discomforts associated with running and traditional cycling. The standing position enables a rider to burn 33% more calories than on a road bike, mimics the motion of running without impact, and takes an otherwise gym-bound cross-training workout into the great outdoors. JOIN THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM TODAY!

imageGen Boost offers a range of upper echelon, self-solving solutions that strive to improve you and your overall health. We do it by targeting specific areas of concern with the best, most significantly researched ingredients that are not usually readily available to the consumer.  JOIN THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM TODAY!

imageSecureIt is redefining firearm storage. Why? Because the gun safe industry has failed and misled its consumers. Many gun safes on the market are actually classified as residential security cabinets and not truly gun safes. These containers are filled with carpeting, drywall, and material that is toxic to your firearms. Additionally, these RSCs are ineffective when it comes to security as they are indiscreet and can be cut open in minutes.  JOIN THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM TODAY!

imageAt Trek, we create the best bikes in the world. No one in the world has done more to refine and redefine the experience of riding a bicycle than the engineers and designers at Trek. We live at the edge of human performance, where the difference between winning and losing is millimeters and micrograms. Our passion for victory drives us to build to perfection. With every product we make, we give a competitive advantage to our racers and to riders everywhere. JOIN THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM TODAY!

imageENVE creates the world’s best carbon fiber wheels and components for mountain, road, cyclocross, and gravel biking. ENVE will never compromise materials, processes, or performance to hit a price point. There’s no lower tier. You’re not buying a brand name or an image, you’re buying engineered excellence. If it says ENVE, it’s because it’s the very best it can be. JOIN THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM TODAY! 

imageFeetures are the world leader in sock technology, has been family owned and operated since 2002. Based in North Carolina, Feetures’ collection of running and performance everyday socks are designed to provide durability and style for all-day comfort in all activities. Engineered for performance, Feetures has become a market leader with a patented technology called targeted compression, that lifts and supports the arch, moisture-wicking synthetic, and merino fibers and a seamless toe. Learn more at www.feetures.com  JOIN THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM TODAY! 


Gear.com was founded upon on the idea that gear buying shouldn’t have to be so hard. We, like you found ourselves browsing for hours online or in stores trying to find our next piece of equipment. Over the years we realized we were spending almost as much time sifting through gear as we did out on the trails enjoying it. In 2016 we set out on a mission, to change the way people buy gear online. We value unique, user-generated content and our affiliate program reflects that.  JOIN THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM TODAY!

imageZhou is a wellness company that offers high-quality, trusted nutritional supplements that help you reach your goals and become your greatest self. With 38 products and counting, our supplements span the wellness spectrum.  JOIN THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM TODAY!




Waves were founded in 2012 and is a pioneer in the floating sunglasses industry. We are passionate about what we do and are constantly striving to improve and expand our product line. Since starting with floating sunglasses, we have added dry bags, microfiber towels, water bottles, and a bunch of other beach and watersport products. We have fantastic customer service, and we’re dedicated to making sure our customers are satisfied with their purchases. This means potential repeat commissions because so many of our customers come back to purchase again. JOIN THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM TODAY!  


is the home of the Dry Bag Cooler. Yep, a dry bag and a cooler combined into one supercontainer. We are passionate about what we do, and are constantly striving to improve and expand our product line. Since starting with the dry bag cooler, we have added camp chairs, hammocks, camp blankets, and a whole bunch of other camping gear. We have fantastic customer service, and we’re dedicated to making sure our customers are satisfied with their purchases. This means potential repeat commissions because so many of our customers come back to purchase again.  JOIN THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM TODAY!   

imageSince 2012, Tailwind Nutrition has been manufacturing all-natural sports nutrition products that are free of GMOs, dairy, soy, and gluten, are easy to digest, and support an athlete’s fueling and recovery needs during exercise. Owned, operated and manufactured in Durango, CO, Tailwind Nutrition’s specially formulated drink mixes help athletes perform and compete at their highest level without the worry of food allergies or sensitivities. Tailwind is all you need, all day. Really. For more information visit tailwindnutrition.com. JOIN THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM TODAY!    

imageATP Science is a health science company that creates unique formulas in supplementation, vitamins, cosmetics, nutraceuticals, and sports nutrition products for fitness, health, anti-aging and well-being industries.  JOIN THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM TODAY!     

imageWarriors Tackle Supply is an online fishing and tackle subscription service. We take pride in the craftsmanship of our own Warrior’s TackleTM. Every tackle and bait produced for us go through vigorous tests to ensure great quality. Our members will be introduced to our newest additions each month. Each box will also include other top quality brands. Some brands include Berkley, Rapala, Strike King, Lucky Craft, Keitech, LunkerHunt and more. Our key purpose is to provide our subscribers with an easy method to build their tackle supply with brands they know and trust, as well as with up-and-coming brands.  JOIN THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM TODAY!  

imageTrunk is an online store which develops outdoor products and specializes in hammocks. We have a passion for everything outdoors! Our products are the best on the market – made with the toughest straps, fabric, and carabiners. We are so confident in our carefully designed products that we implemented a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty. We are looking for affiliates that specialize in outdoor products – including hammocks of course! JOIN THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM TODAY! 

imagePowertac was created with the vision of providing high-quality light that incorporates not just powerful but also tactical features. The ultimate goal is to provide a portable lighting device built for mission-critical applications as well as withstanding the typical everyday use of consumers. JOIN THE AFFILIATE PROGRAM TODAY!   






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