Welcome to the end of summer and the beginning of fall! It seems like with the leaves changing colors we should already be prepping for the holiday shopping season. So, with that in mind, this week’s roundup presents you with some tools to get you in gear this season! And don’t forget to check out our most recent articles on the value of your blogging and links and SEO.

Tool of the Week



During the holiday season, even though it’s cold, you want as much exposure as you can get because the competition is tense. The affiliate channel is a good way to diversify your audience and spread your ads and products around. In order to make sure you’re reaching all of your potential customer base, and more, recruit a diverse portfolio of affiliates.
Watch this video on how to effectively recruit affiliates.


The AvantLink App Market offers many innovative ways to integrate ads and product descriptions on your blog. One of the tools, the SnapDeaList, automatically searches your content and displays relevant products from merchants at the lowest price. Watch the tutorial, and make sure you’re displaying the best products at the best price across your blog.

New Merchant Announcements


Remember Booking.com from last week? Well, this week they’ve launched on AvantLink Canada! Booking.com offers international accomodations from apartments to sailboats to villas, with no booking fees and free cancellations on most rooms. This program is perfect for your travel blog, so sign up today on the Booking.com program description page.


LAX World is a world for lacrosse players and fans. If that sounds like your reader base, you can earn 7% on new referrals and 5% on returning customers on a 21-day cookie. Apply on the LAX World program description page.

Check in next week for more holiday season tips and new merchant programs!
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