As the summer is starting to ease its way out, we at AvantLink are already thinking about getting back inside. Deeper inside the technical aspects of Affiliate Marketing and SEO Strategy, that is. Man that’s a corny segue. This week our own Chad Waite’s Technical Talk article will walk you through the nitty gritty of the relationship between affiliate links and SEO.

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And for dessert, we’ve got two great tools that will give you more insight into your affiliate program, or if you’re an affiliate, will enrich your content with a few clicks. Plus we’ve got five new merchant opportunities to add to your list!

Tool of the Week



On Monday morning, before you get into the work groove, but after your morning coffee, take a second to enrich your content, and give AvantLink’s Additional Product Content Widget a whirl. It’s easy to configure and brings a lot of added value to your readers.


Watch this video about AvantLink’s robust reporting tool, which you can use to monitor affiliate activity in your program and ensure you’re getting the data that you need, when you need it.

New Merchant Announcements


Carved creates chic phone cases with natural materials and artwork that sets them apart and makes something that everyone else has–a phone–your own. 11% commission on 30 day cookie, exclusively with AvantLink. Apply on the Carved program description page.

A major opportunity for travel affiliates, is now live on AvantLink US. offers over 900,000 properties in 221 countries. Details and apply on the program description page

Finally, apparel dedicated to the feminine spirit that is functional and flattering. The Nuu-Muu affiliate program is live exclusively on AvantLink at 8% commission on a 60 day cookie. Apply on the Nuu-Muu program description page.

Wartburg College Bookstore provides textbooks, supplies, and apparel from the beautiful Wartburg College campus and online store. Earn 5% commission on 30 day cookie exclusively on the AvantLink network for these essentials by applying today on the Wartburg Store program description page.

Got phytonutrients? Blendfresh does. Their healthy nutrient dense powders provide as many nutrients as eating 50 different fruits and veggies. Their program is exclusive with AvantLink, and offers a whopping 18% commission on a 30 day cookie. Apply now on the Blendfresh program description page.

Tune in next week for more ways to be the best affiliate marketer you can be!
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