We’ve got some exciting announcements this week at AvantLink. Things are about to get a lot easier for affiliate marketing professionals, with updates to our affiliate program reporting, a WordPress Plugin that makes your job easier, and five excellent new merchant programs!

Network Updates

This week, our product development team worked hard to launch some essential updates to our reporting system.

Updates to reporting, tools that make your job easier, and five excellent new merchant programs!Click To Tweet

Sale Product Performance Report

This report has been optimized, and can now pull months of data within about 2 seconds flat. You can also pull data from up to a year back, now. And we’ve made filtering by SKU easier. You can click the asterisk next to the SKU column, enter the number, and select a filter option.

Sales Commission Details Report

Like the product SKU above, you can now filter this report by Order ID simply by clicking the asterisk, entering the ID, and choosing a filter.

Tool of the Week



If you use WordPress, as many bloggers do, you probably know about plugins, and how they can make a lot of the work you do on a daily basis easier. Well, did you know AvanLink has a plugin? Yep, and it enables you to quickly, automatically implement some of our best features, such as the Affiliate Link Encoder, Related Products Widget, and the Product Search Widget.
It’s very easy to install, and just takes a few steps. See our video on how to set up the AvantLink WordPress Plugin.


We’re always talking about approving affiliate applications in a timely manner. We bring this up because we don’t want you to miss out on creating as many lasting relationships with our top quality affiliates as possible. That said, probably the easiest way to stay on top of new affiliate applications is the AvantLink Mobile App. Take a look at the features and see for yourself!

New Merchant Announcements


LifeStraw encapsulates a product that makes the world a better place, and fuels the outdoor world with something refreshing and cool. This is great for any kind of travel or outdoor activity, and you will earn 10% on a 60 day cookie. Plus a child in Africa will receive clean drinking water for an entire school year for each LifeStraw product sold. Apply on the LifeStraw program description page.

Another component essential to life–light–is available in the coolest package from Solight Design. Their inflatable, solar powered lights are super portable and environmentally sustainable. Base commission is 10% on a 30 day cookie. Get started on the Solight Design program description page.

The Garden Gates is a resource for creating backyard paradises and perfect porches. Help your readers build their dream and earn 7% on a 30 day cookie. More details on The Garden Gates program description page.

Fab Kids was started by parents to help kids dress well without breaking the bank or spending hours shopping. They personalize your kids’ wardrobe and ship it out to you at a reasonable price. Earn $20 per sale on a 30 day cookie. Apply on the Fab Kids program description page.

We’ve got a great addition to the Canadian network from Viviscal. They provide the number one hair care and growth system in the U.S. Experience tremendous growth, not just talking hair here, with their program at a 10% commission on 30 day cookie. Apply on the Viviscal program description page.

Whew! What a week. Tune in next time for more. Just dropping a hint here, but next week is something you’re going to want to be around for.
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