Today we’re pleased to announce the launch of the AvantLink Affiliate Marketing Forum! Our new forum will serve as a knowledge base, as well as a place for affiliates, merchants and program managers to connect, discuss and learn. Although this will best serve active network members, anyone can register and participate.

Registering for the forum is easy. Once registered take a quick look at how to style your posts, then introduce yourself in the newbie corner.

There are dedicated categories and sub-forums for anything associated with your activity at AvantLink. If we’re missing a topic that you think would benefit the community let us know.

  • Engage with peers & ask questions
  • Discuss strategy & best practices
  • Learn about new tools & technical updates
  • Get help from our support technicians
  • See new merchant announcements
  • Share program specific & industry insights

Sidenote: The branded merchant blog categories that have regularly provide affiliates with updates on promotions have been moved to dedicated sub-forums under the “Merchant Forums” category. This allows for easier posting, and the forum format is more conducive to discussion rather than one-way communication.

Merchants, if you are interested in a branded sub-forum and do not see your program represented, email us. Merchant sub-forums are FREE, but a branded 760×150 header is required for the set-up. Take a look at the REI sub-forum to see an example.

Email us if you have any questions, comments or suggestions. Or better yet, post them to the forum. 😉

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