The AvantLink team is excited to announce that the network was once again been listed among the Utah MWCN Top 100 fastest growing companies for 2016. This makes the fifth time AvantLink has made it on that list and after eleven years of being in business, we feel it is a pretty huge accomplishment. Of course, we have only you, our loyal affiliates and merchants, to thank!
Where did we rank?
We’ll get there, but first let’s take a look at 2016 as a whole and some of the major events that lead up to this point:

  1. We saw a huge number of amazing new merchants programs throughout the year. There are now more affiliate program opportunities on AvantLink offered to our affiliates than ever before. Want to keep up on top of the latest program launches? Follow the Weekly Roundup series on the AvantLink blog for weekly notifications of new program launch announcements.

  3. 2016 was without a doubt the year of affiliates looking to push the boundaries of just what affiliates could do. Bloggers continued to blur the line between what was an advertisement and what was a content enhancement. Casual affiliates took the challenge of dynamically serving international ads to their international visitors. And sites like Stoke.Fund offered merchants ways to integrate affiliate marketing with programs that give back and support their customers and community through digital fundraising.

  5. AvantExpo 2016 marked the fourth annual user conference for AvantLink affiliates and merchants. We could tell you about the bobsledding and epic networking opportunities, or you could watch the exciting recap video at instead.

And that’s just the proverbial tip of the iceberg. In the end though, it all adds up to a hugely successful year for AvantLink and, more importantly, for our clients. After all, our success as a company is only a reflection of your success as merchants and affiliates.

So where did that land us on the MWCN Top 100 list? For 2016, AvantLink ranked #79!. Not bad for a veteran company listed among mostly newcomers with a lot of early growth. Coincidentally, this year’s ranking is only two spots away from where we ranked last year.
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