The AvantLink team is very excited to announce our fifth annual user conference, AvantExpo 2017.
Why are we so excited? If you head over to, the first thing you will see is a line of text that says “celebrating five years of unmatched networking and unrivaled experiences“. At the core of every AvantExpo since the first event in 2013 has been the idea that attendees must walk away with new contacts and business opportunities that they would not have had the chance to make in any other situation. And that they do it in a way that is so unique, the experience will be remembered for the rest of their lives.
Ok, sure, we can say that all day long, but does AvantExpo actually live up to that promise? Take a look at the AvantExpo 2016 recap video and decide for yourself.

Looks great, huh? But that video is in the past and it’s the future where the exciting stuff is at. Introducing AvantExpo 2017, AvantLink’s fifth annual user conference to be held at the Snowbird Ski Resort in Utah, July 12-14, 2017.
Here are the answers to the major questions you probably have:

Just 36 minutes from airport to rush hour. Try doing that in L.A. or Vegas.

Just 36 minutes from airport to destination…in rush hour. Try doing that in L.A. or Vegas.

Question: A ski resort? Is it really far away and super remote?
Answer: Not at all. The Snowbird Ski Resort is 30 minutes from downtown Salt Lake City and 35 minutes from the SLC airport.
Only the best affiliates, merchants and agencies attend AvantExpo.

Only the industry’s best and most dedicated affiliates, merchants and agencies attend AvantExpo.

Question: Who attends AvantExpo?
Answer: Affiliate attendance is by invitation only. Merchant and agency attendance is done by sponsorships, details of which can be found on the AvantExpo website.
Question: I am an affiliate who really wants to attend. How do I get an invitation?
Answer: If you are looking to grow your affiliate efforts and want to be considered for an exclusive invitation, go to and use the contact form at the bottom of the page. All request are seriously considered.
The Summit restaurant, conference center, and James Bond villain HQ.

The Summit restaurant, conference center, and James Bond villain HQ at 11,000 feet.

Question: What unique environments and networking activities will AvantExpo 2017 feature?
Answer: All AvantExpo attendees will get to experience the amazing resort activities Snowbird offers, including zip lines, alpine slides and coasters, chairlift rides and more. Want more? The one-on-one networking sessions will take place in the new, state-of-the-art Summit Building restaurant and event center at the top of Snowbird’s 11,000 foot mountain accessible only by tram. Productive and unforgettable.
Question: How many attendees are typically at AvantExpo?
Answer: AvantExpo was designed with smaller attendance in mind. The idea was to make sure you had ample time to meet with every other attendee and avoid the simple exchange of business cards and the “I’ll email you after” conversation that happens at bigger conferences. Typically, AvantExpo will have around 40 affiliate attendees and 30 merchant attendees, plus the excellent AvantLink crew.

For all the nitty gritty details, sponsorship/attendance opportunities and more, please visit We’ll look forward to seeing you in 2017!
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