AvantExpo 2016


Get ready for some exciting news! AvantExpo will be back in 2016 for a fourth year of hosting the best one-on-one networking opportunities with the most influential affiliates and merchants in the affiliate marketing industry. Do not miss what is being called the most anticipated and talked about network user conference of the year.

Scheduled for June 20-23, AvantExpo brings together the top affiliates and merchants on the AvantLink network in a unique networking environment in Park City, Utah. No, there aren’t thousands of attendees. Instead, AvantExpo hosts a group of around 75 serious business-minded individuals looking to talk affiliate marketing, discuss strategy, and establish new partnerships.

Pair that with a conference built around one-of-a-kind networking experiences like mountain biking, alpine slides, shooting ranges, and more, and you have an event that’s not only high in productivity and ROI, but one that’s unlike anything you’ve attended in the past. You have AvantExpo.

Full details on AvantLink’s user conference can be found at AvantExpo.com, but here are a few major updates to expect in 2016.

  1. Just like every year prior, attendance is by invite only and limited to individuals and companies who are the most serious about the affiliate channel. Attendance options for merchants and agencies, as well as affiliate invite request options, can be found at AvantExpo.com. If you’re an affiliate looking to seriously grow your activity and success in the affiliate channel, request an invite! We’re always looking for up-and-coming affiliates to participate.
  2. AvantExpo 2016 will feature a top-notch line up of education sessions with a focus on case studies, strategy and best practices for affiliates and merchants alike.
  3. You asked and we’ve answered! The agenda for 2016 includes almost double the one-on-one dedicated networking time immediately following the ‘Best Of’ awards and network address.
  4. More sponsored activities on the pre-show networking day (Monday, June 20th).

Need more? Head over to AvantExpo.com to get a complete picture of AvantExpo 2016 or watch the recap video of the 2014 and 2015 conferences below.

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