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Avant Expo 2016 awards table

We are proud to announce our 2016 “Best Of” Award winners, presented as part of our annual AvantExpo in beautiful Park City, UT! Since 2014, the “Best Of” Awards highlight the most innovative and dedicated companies and individuals in the affiliate industry. It’s always a tough competition; all of Avantlink‘s partners have an unmatched dedication to excellence. But we believe that these are the ones who stand tall and deserve to be recognized!

For this year’s awards, we decided to do something unique. We worked with Fred Conlon from Sugarpost to create truly one-of-a-kind custom awards, modeled after our Disruptobot mascot.

I, for one, welcome our robot overlords

Disruptobot award

Awards were given in the following categories: Affiliate Of The Year, Content Affiliate Of The Year, Merchant of the Year, Affiliate Manager Of The Year, Agency of the Year, and Industry Champions. The competition was stiff, but in the end we are confident that these individuals and companies embody the ideals that make AvantLink first-in-class in the affiliate marketing realm!



Phillip Lien – Slickdeals

2016 AvantLink Affiliate Of The Year

This award is for affiliates who have seen high year-over-year growth who also leverage our technical offerings and work with a high standard of ethics.
We are pleased to announce 2016’s Affiliate of the Year award recipient: Slickdeals

Slickdeals has worked hard on a site redesign, which combines an excellent user interface with our technical automation offerings, to engage users and allow their community members to post deals which get immediate results. The proof is in the pudding — they have seen 50% YOY growth! We’re thrilled to have them working with us and look forward to what the next year will bring! Phillip Lien was there to accept the award on their behalf.





Ray Maker – DCRainmaker

2016 Content Affiliate Of The Year

The criteria for this award is consistent, top-quality content, combined with a seamless integration of the affiliate offering. We are pleased to announce this year’s Content Affiliate of the Year award recipient: DCRainmaker

DCRainmaker has an amazing site featuring a strong voice, in-depth product reviews, travel guides, and even leveraging a Twitter account to really maximize online presence. Ray Maker left his full-time job in 2015 to focus on his blog, as well as training. Ray continues to live in Paris, yet found the time to come out here to receive the award!




David Blades – JensonUSA

2016 Merchant Of The Year

The criteria for this award is for high YOY growth, using our technical offerings and dedication to and involvement with affiliates.
We are plased to announce this year’s Merchant of the Year award recipient: JensonUSA

Their affiliate manager Ivan Tijaneria is one of the best program managers in the industry. He thinks outside the box, and takes a lot of time to build relationships with both the network and individual affiliates. David accepted the award on behalf of JensonUSA.





Jordan Christensen – Backcountry.com

2016 Affiliate Manager Of The Year
This award is for program managers who think outside the box and drive a program’s success via excellent communications and practices.

Jordan has worked hard with Backcountry.com to make their affiliate program shine. Using dynamic ads that display their highest converting ads, they ensure consistent flow to the site, and make it easy for publishers to manage promotions.






Left to right: Mike Nunez [CEO], Karen Tabbert [Senior Director], Frank Maio, Shaughn O’Neill

2016 Agency of the Year

Agencies who employ rapid and effective integration practices are in the running for the Agency of the Year award.

We’re pleased to announce that the prize this year goes to Affiliatemanger.com.  They hire some of the best individuals in the industry who work together to manage dozens of affiliate programs. Their communication with both clients and the network are second to none.






Left to right: Natalie Martins, Two Wheeling Tots; Becky Vilos, Utah Sweet Savings; Chad Waite, AvantLink

2016 Industry Champions

These awards go to those who have impacted the industry as a whole, and have gone above and beyond the call of duty.

This year we are pleased to present two awards for Industry Champions. Natalie and Becky worked hard to fight the Utah proposed Nexus law. Natalie had relocated to Utah after California passed their law and, faced with the prospect of moving again — just so she could keep her affiliate blog, she put up a good fight.

And in light of the amazing efforts that Chad has put in over the past few months, we couldn’t help but take a moment to recognize one of our own. Chad was vital in campaigning against a proposed Nexus (‘Remote Parity’) Tax law here in Utah. He not only sacrificed time from his family (including his newborn daughter, Nora), but worked with affiliates from around the state (including Becky and Natalie) in presenting a strong, unified message — which prevented the proposal from becoming law. During this time, he also single-handedly headed up our Marketing department. Chad has truly outdone himself and we are incredibly grateful for his continued investment in defining excellence — not just in our company, but the industry!


That’s a wrap for the AvantExpo 2016 Awards!

Thank you to all who came out, and to our award-winning affiliates and merchants for rising to the occasion. Be sure to visit AvantExpo next time around. One of these awards could be yours!


2016 AvantExpo Award Winners!

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