Two weeks ago, we highlighted just how much online spending grew in the US in 2017. The number were so impressive that it becomes easy to overlook the same scenario that other countries are also seeing. Australian eCommerce growth, for example, has skyrocketed.

Consider this. In 2016, Shopify estimated that the average Australian consumer would spend nearly $4,500 online annually. For a country with a population of over 24 million (including children), this translates into a lot of online spending. In fact, in the past four years total online sales for Australia have grown a whopping 22%.

The more Australian consumers move their spending behaviors online, the more opportunity there is for participants in the affiliate channel. From product discovery to reviews to price comparisons, the country as a whole will increasingly rely on these touchpoints to move forward with completing purchase. For affiliates with even a small portion of their traffic originating from Australia, it’s not only an easy strategy to move into to grow your earnings, but an area with huge growth potential.

It’s fitting then that the first new merchant launched this week is a big brand with a fresh program in all three AvantLink networks, including Australia!

New Merchant Launches


Newchic Affiliate Program

***Launched in Australia, US, and Canada networks!*** is a one-stop online shopping website for both women and men. Now it has 10+M visits and 10+ million sale amounts one month. If you are craving for something fresh, stylish ,and affordable, do not hesitate to come here. We offer a huge selection of fashion items with our fabulous prices, including, but not limited to, clothing, bags, shoes, beauty, jewelry, accessorie, home & garden and much more. We are offering 10% – 16% tiered commission rate, exclusive coupons, hot deals, popular text links, and lasted banner, datafeed available.

Join the Newchic Australia affiliate program.

Join the Newchic US affiliate program.

Join the Newchic Canada affiliate program.


The Coolest Cooler blends drinks and music with a passion for quality. With more features and fun than any other, you’ll be looking for excuses to get outside and turn good times into great memories.

Join the Coolest affiliate program.


Browe Inc. is a manufacturer of premium quality optical systems for military, law enforcement, hunting and the shooting sports. Founded in 2009, BROWE produces the most rugged tactical optical solutions for defense, industrial and commercial applications. The optics produced by BROWE, Inc. are truly unrivaled by any competitor in the industry, stemming from their over 20 year experience in manufacturing combat and tactical optics.

Join the Browe affiliate program.


Burley Design is a bike trailer company operating out of Eugene, OR. We make bike trailers that carry kids, cargo and pets. Burley is known for producing high quality and extremely durable products.

Join the Burley Design affiliate program.

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