Attribution is one of the big moves for affiliate marketing in 2017. Each touch point along the conversion process is becoming more and more important, and the best affiliate marketing technology is headed for attribution. With attribution comes in-depth tracking and reporting, and enables merchants to figure out where to focus their marketing efforts.

Attribution Data At AvantLink

Our AvantMetrics reporting platform is taking AvantLink into the future. This week, we released some updates to our cutting-edge platform. Read about them, and how AvantMetrics works, in this article.

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Tool of the Week



Speaking of reporting–it’s not just for merchants. AvantLink affiliates have access to a suite of cutting-edge reporting tools, as well. Affiliates can use these tools to benchmark performance–things like sales, ad impressions, and click-throughs–and analyze merchant program data. This is a great supplement to Google Analytics that you can use to validate and optimize your marketing strategy with real data. Watch the reporting tutorial and learn how to configure and analyze your data.


Since we’re talking about attribution, merchants who aren’t using attribution should look into the technology. Our AvantMetrics page has all the details and info you need. At the very least, being aware of this technology and how it works is a strong step forward for 2017. If you have any questions, drop us a line and also make sure you check out our recent updates (see link above) to the attribution platform.

New Merchant Programs


Casetify helps you make boring old phone cases your own. As they say, “show your passion” by adding photos or custom designs to your new phone case. Affiliates earn 10% on a 45 day cookie with this program. Get started today on the Casetify program description page!

Swhey believes in looking and feeling your best, starting with what you consume. Their remarkable products are the key to health and beauty. Help market a healthy lifestyle by joining this program on the Swhey program description page!

Thanks for joining us, and look out for some exciting articles on 2017 technology next week!

P.S. If you missed it last week, here’s a happy new year from AvantLink.


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