Important: see the latest update to the SnapLinker tool here. 

Around a year and a half ago, AvantLink launched the App Market, a brand new concept that let anyone with an idea for an affiliate marketing tool build it and make it available to all of the affiliates on the AvantLink network. The tools found here are innovative, creative applications to help you market in different yet effective ways. The best part is all of these tools are totally, 100% free. Lucky you, right?

Well today, consider yourself even more lucky as we announce the newest addition to the App Market, the  absolutely amazing SnapLinker.

Have you ever been on a specific product page on a merchant’s website and wanted to convert that URL into an affiliate link? In the past, you could do this by using AvantLink’s Custom Link Tool, which required you to log into your affiliate account, select the tool and build the custom link from there. On the other hand, the SnapLinker allows you to get the same custom link with just one click and without having to configure it through the AvantLink interface!

Here’s how it works:

1. Download The Bookmarklet

The SnapLinker is a bookmarklet that can be added to your list of favorite/bookmarked websites bar on your browser. If you’re unfamiliar with the concept of bookmarklets, take a look at the Wikipedia description to get up-to-speed.

To download the SnapLinker, just log into your affiliate account, go to “Tools>App Market>Browse Apps” and then select the SnapLinker from the bottom of the list. From here, the app will automatically configure to your account (which takes about 10 seconds) and all you have to do is drag and drop the button to your bookmarks bar.

SnapLinker Download

2. Find Your URL, Click SnapLinker

Navigate to any page on a merchant’s website that you’d like to turn into an affiliate link. Keep in mind that you need to be an affiliate with that particular merchant for SnapLinker to work. Once you’ve found the page you’re looking for, simply click the SnapLinker bookmark. This will bring a popup in your browser with the URL automatically converted into an affiliate link in either full form or in a shortened URL.

SnapLinker AvantLink Affiliate Tools

3. Customize Your Links

Easily the coolest feature about SnapLinker is the vast customization options that you can apply to your link. Yes, the URL has been converted into a basic custom link, and that’s great, right? But SnapLinker takes things one step further by configuring a snippet of embeddable code with the affiliate link and allow you to add in different elements to that code like pictures, product names, descriptions and even price. It also give you different styling options as well as the ability to associate this link with any one of your affiliate sites you have configured in your AvantLink account.

SnapLinker Features

4. Live Example!

Here is the live example of the link I configured and customized in the pictures above using SnapLinker. Remember this took me a mere 10 seconds to create:

Hoka One One Stinson Evo Trail Running Shoe – Men’s $169.95




The SnapLinker is a tool that takes affiliate convenience to the next level and makes generating custom affiliate links an absolute breeze. For affiliate who use lots of custom links, this tool is an absolute no-brainer as it will save you significant amounts of time when generating custom links. Get it from the AvantLink App Market for free and try it for yourself- one use and you’ll be sold.

A huge congrats and “thank you” to goes out to Justin Ball, who was behind the concept and development of SnapLinker and the person you can thank for making such a powerful tool available through the App Market. If you’d like to learn more about SnapLinker, visit the SnapLinker Affiliate Tool website.

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