Your personality is what sets you apart from the competition. Whatever you do is accompanied by the human qualities you bring to your work. At AvantLink, we apply this principle to our support and customer service. We think our merchants and affiliates deserve dedicated, human personalities who work to help you succeed. See our fresh blog post about how support and software should be created equal and learn how our support team puts the human element back in SaaS.
This week’s roundup also brings you tips about optimizing your holiday ads and your affiliate website, and 6 new merchants that offer unique gift ideas you can promote just in time for the holidays.

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Tool of the Week



If you’re a new affiliate on AvantLink’s network, remember that setting up your payment method is the first step (so you can get paid!). Our support team has a step-by-step guide to set up your payment method so you can get rolling today. Also, we recently updated our guide to using the Affiliate Link Encoder, a tool that automatically converts existing links on your site into tracked affiliate links.


We have some tips for setting your affiliates up for success during the holidays. Setting up effective ads that are holiday-ready is one way to give affiliates some extra fire power. See our video on how to optimize your holiday ads

New Merchant Announcements


Jack Black is a skincare company for men, with no-nonsense products that help you look and feel your best. Earn a base commission of 10% on a 30 day cookie, and a $50 Jack Black gift card for referring your first sale. Apply on the Jack Black program description page.

With GPS maps, waterproof maps, and a smartphone app, Backroad Mapbooks is your outdoor resource for exploring the great outdoors of Canada. Affiliates earn a 10% commission on a 45 day cookie. See the details on the Backroad Mapbooks program description page.

Gobi Gear promises to make your outdoor experience better with gear storage products that keep things safe, organized, and easy to carry, so you can focus on what’s outside your pack. Refer sales for these awesome stuff sacks and storage solutions, and earn 8-10% commission on a 30 day cookie. Apply on the Gobi Gear program description page.

Yes Bobbleheads is the perfect program for the holidays. If your readers are looking for a unique gift, here it is, custom bobbleheads in over 800 different styles. You’ll earn 10% commission and average order sizes are $100-$200! Apply on the Yes Bobbleheads program description page.

Big Ceramic Store stocks 12,000+ pottery products, making them one of the biggest online resources for ceramics. Promote kilns and wheels to your crafty audience, and earn 5% commission on a 30 day cookie–average order value is $250. Apply today on the Big Ceramic program description page.

Surania is for people who like to create their own look. They allow you to design your own swimsuit, and create it with high-quality materials. Earn 7% commission marketing their unique product to your audience! Apply on the Surania program description page on AvantLink US and AvantLink AU.

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