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Let’s look at the big topics this week, the new merchants on AvantLink, and then open it up for discussion. Seriously, comment below and ask away, pontificate, or share an idea.

Topics this Week


Product Reviews

This week, we discussed the best ways to approach product reviews. The article includes a strategy for you to try, an example review, plus some great insights and tips from Jake Ferguson at Gear Junkie, which is an excellent, comprehensive gear review site. Try this one on for size, and let us know if it helps or if there’s a better way!

Affiliate Summit West

We just got back from Affiliate Summit West, and we took stock of the event and what it has to offer. Our recap of ASW17 offers five lessons about what the conference has to offer, and how to get the most out of it. These tips probably apply to most conferences, so it’s worth a read during the thick of the busy conference season.

New Merchant Announcements

Klecker Knives Affiliate Program

Klecker Knives is live exclusively with AvantLink. Their knife and tool products are perfect for outdoor/hunting/fishing focused affiliates, and there are plenty of products to explore and promote. The program offers a strong 7% commission on a 30 day cookie. Apply today on the Klecker Knives affiliate program description page.
Stag Arms Affiliate Program

Stag Arms is an industry leader for AR-15 rifles, parts, and accessories. This program is exclusive on AvantLink and offers 7% commission on a 30 day cookie. Apply to promote this leading brand on the Stag Arms affiliate program description page.
CLn Skin Care Affiliate Program

CLn Skin Care sells a wide variety of high quality skin and hair care products to a wide audience of consumers. Earn 10% for driving sales from new customers, and 3% for returning shoppers, all on a 120 day cookie. Apply and become a CLn affiliate on the CLn Skin Care affiliate program description page.

Thanks for all your contributions and for staying tuned in to the latest in affiliate marketing at AvantLink!

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  • OK, I’ll start.
    Can you make some suggestions on when to go with text ads vs images ads? My pages are information about hiking and current conditions, not about gear or products. I typically run about 2 – 4 images ads per page, and I keep them changing via an adrotator.

    • Hey Kimball, thanks for the question. I appreciate the participation! In my experience reading affiliate blogs, I mainly see visual ads used in banners above, below, or beside the main content. I think using the ad rotator is a great way to handle visual ads, or even using the relevant products widget with the WordPress plugin (you can learn more at this link

      As far as text ads go, I don’t see those very often at all (many affiliates doing product reviews use the custom link tools to point to a specific product within their content).

      After looking at your site, I think you’re using image ads well. As far as text ads go, If you use them, I would place them in the body of your content. However, you don’t want to alienate your readers with too many random ads, so I would only do it if the text ad is relevant to what you’re talking about.

      If you want to get more focused with text ads or custom links, I would consider featuring some content on gear, such as “Best Gear for Harsh Winter Hiking” or something along those lines. Otherwise I think your site looks great and is very useful!