The PMA has a new survey today and they want you to take it. Actually, since AvantLink is a supporting member of The PMA, that means we would like you to take it as well. It’s a short 60-second questionnaire about why you shop online. You do shop online, right? If you answered yes, then take the survey here:

That Time You Marked Your Ad With That Strange Deal Option

Merchants, be honest, you’ve all done it at some point. You’re configuring a new ad and decide to click the “Coupon/Deal Campaign” option in the set up screen. Sure, you don’t know exactly what it does, but who doesn’t love a good deal ad, right? If this sounds like something you’ve done, why not learn what that ad configuration option actually does and all the cool functionality it enables. Read the full article that explains the Coupon/Deal Campaign option.

New Merchant Launches

At, we are on a mission to deliver quality products to our customers quickly. Headquartered in California, QuikShipToner ships from several warehouses throughout the US. This includes locations in Southern California, Pennsylvania, Georgia, Texas and more! We ship to our customers from the closest location with stock in an effort to provide quick shipping at a low price. Out of toner or ink? Get it quick! Apply to the Quikship affiliate program.

Tyrant Designs CNC has 30 years of machining experience in Defense, Aerospace, and Medical fields. Over the last 3 years we have applied our knowledge and design experience to the weapon industry, creating innovative products such as the skeletonized aluminum AR-15 Grip. Our products have become industry leading and we will continue our rapid growth throughout the near future! Apply to the Tyrant Designs CNC affiliate program.

Ticket Club™ is a membership site for tickets to concert, sports and theater events with low prices and no service fees. We will be offering affiliates commission on Ticket Club™ membership sales. For each annual membership sold, Ticket Club™ affiliates will receive a 50% commission on the price paid for the membership. (A standard first year membership is $49.99). Apply to The Ticket Club affiliate program.




Imprint Comfort Mats manufactures the leading brand of premium anti-fatigue comfort mats in North America. The brand has quickly become the #1 consumer rated comfort mat on the market. It is well recognized for quality, eco-friendly design and exceptional value. Our CumulusPRO™ Commercial series was recently selected the best standing desk anti-fatigue mat for a third year. It has become the mat of choice for over 200 commercial customers. Apply to the Imprint Mats affiliate program. 

My Trail is Everything you need. Nothing you don’t. When you have exactly what you need, you can be fully alive and present for every experience on your trail, free to walk or run as far, and climb as high as you’re able. Every product benefits from years of design, development and real-world use. exists so that you may go as far as you want, on whatever trail you set out on. Apply to the MyTrailCo affiliate program.

Since 1995, we at the Outdoor Gear Exchange/ have prided ourselves on our extensive selection of clothing and equipment for any outdoor activity imaginable. From the latest, top tier brand names that experts in the field demand to perform at their best to the most affordable gear designed to get the recreational enthusiast out for the weekend, our knowledgeable staff strives to equip our customers with exactly what they need. We have the deepest discounts, match our competitors prices whenever possible, and offer a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. Apply to the affiliate program.

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